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Random Acts of Kindness

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and at Nexon we love to celebrate positivity and kindness.

So many of our customers do their jobs out of a responsibility to care for others in the healthcare/education/facilities management and many other industries so we know that most days are full of kindness from you.

Today is a great time to reflect on the little gestures you have done or have been on the receiving end of that make the world that little bit of a brighter place. As the saying goes, a little kindness can go a long way so we’ve gathered a list of a few small acts for inspiration that you can spread throughout your whole year and not just today:

Kindness to colleagues

Is there something you could help with that would make a bigger task less of a burden?

Are you an excel whiz that could share some tips to make a task easier for everyone?

If you have a spare 5 minutes, make everyone a drink. A coffee and a smile can change a busy afternoon!

Is there something you enjoy making at home that would be nice to share with your colleagues?

Send some positive feedback to make your colleagues feel appreciated.

Kindness to family and friends

Reach out to a family member or friend that you haven’t spoken to for a little while to check in on them and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Take the time to learn about someone’s interests that you might not know much about and see if you can learn something new. People love talking about something they are passionate about and may not have an outlet to express it – you may even discover a new interest too!

Spend some quality time with the people closest to you without screen time – organise a family game night or a weekend walk.

Send a small gift to show your appreciation, whether it’s something as small as a chocolate bar or a more grand gesture if you are able to.

Kindness to yourself

Make or order yourself your favourite meal after a long week.

Spend 5 minutes stretching every morning to help keep your body happy.

Remember that looking after your health (both mental and physical) is key to you being able to effectively help others!

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