White Saturo

Specifically developed for the professional user

Introducing the
Premium Range
of laundry chemicals

Saturo is a quality range of auto dose chemicals. Nexon supply Free on Loan pumps to customers on agreement of a contract. The pump supplied automatically doses the chemical into the washing machine.
The Saturo range has been specifically developed for the professional user. Providing you with a premium range of chemicals to deliver excellent cleaning capabilities whilst protecting and prolonging the life of your fabrics.

The Range
Laundry Detergent High Res

Saturo Laundry Detergent

Concentrated laundry detergent for auto dosing
Laundry Softener High Res

Saturo Fabric Softener

Luxurious softener leaving fabrics soft and fresh
Laundry Stainbuster High Res

Saturo Stain Buster

Powerful auto-feed destainer
Laundry Stainbuddy High Res

Saturo Stainbuddy Plus

Auto-feed destainer
The Saturo Auto Dose System

About the system

The Saturo Auto Dose System is automatically pumped into the washing machine. No need to manually dose any chemicals. The correct amount of product is dosed everytime.
Auto Dosing Pump
Specialist laundry stain removers for high profile sports teams
0 +
Litres of laundry detergent supplied in 2019
0 +
Football matches played in kits washed by Saturo in 2019

Nexon Supply to the England Team, the Premiership, the Championship & League one 

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