Laundry Pumps not Working?

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p off mode - laundry pump troubleshooting

What can you do if your laundry pumps unexpectedly stop working? 

If any of your laundry pumps unexpectedly stop working, a few simple steps could be all you need to get them back up and running!

If the main screen or handset of the WL4 pump is showing Pump Off or P_3 OFF etc, it is an indication that one of the pump heads has been electronically disabled, typically by mistake. Follow these 4 steps to turn the pump/s back on.

  1. Simply press and hold the pump stop button for a few seconds on the handset. (This is the top right button.) It will then flash up on screen, pump stop mode, pump 1 ON/OFF.
  2. The ‘ON’ should be flashing, if it is the ‘OFF’ that is flashing that pump head has been disabled/switched off. In that case, simply press the ‘enter’ button once firmly. (This is the middle left button, to the left of the blue screen.) This should then start the ‘ON’ flashing against that particular pump head number.
  3. You have successfully switched that pump head back on, and it will work again normally.
  4. Then use the plus or minus arrows, on the left hand side, to scroll through the rest of the different pump heads, and check that they are On. If not follow steps 1-3.

If you are still having issues you can contact our Customer Service Team at Nexon for further advice, or to arrange a call out.


call: 0800 999 5006

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