Easy 3.0 Ecodos Dispensers – Troubleshooting Guide

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Ecodos Easy 3.0

The latest generation Ecodos Dispensers known as Easy 3.0, is the next step in the evolution of intelligent dosing. We’ve outlined some of the changes below:

The new battery system

Easy 3.0 Ecodos battery with micro USB charge.

The battery is now located within the dispenser at the top, allowing it to be easily accessed. The built-in charging circuit allows you to use any micro-USB charger to charge the battery and easily see if it is charged. The battery is based on LiFePO4 technology making these batteries safe to use, store and transport. They can also be easily recycled. As with all Ecodos dispensers, the batteries can still be charged via the solar panels and charge port.

Other Improvements

Advances have also been made to advance the life span of Easy dispensers. For example, the cap closure has been changed, there is a new pump and the electronics have even better protection. The software has also been updated.

In the unlikely event that your dispenser doesn’t function as expected, please follow the advice in our TROUBLESHOOTING.

Ecodos Easy 3.0 Dispenser

Getting to know the new Easy 3.0

We would be happy to personally explain the changes and offer site visits for maintenance if required. Contact us on 0800 999 5006 or email sales@nexongroup.co.uk

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