Insite edge 3
Address over stocking
Minimises the amount of money tied up in stock unnecessarily
Ensure Compliance
Ensures records, risk assessments etc are current and fully up to date
Regular Training
Regular hands on training to minimise incorrect product usage and areas of waste such as over dosing of chemicals.
Eradicate Inefficiency
Ensuring procedures are being upheld across an organisation
Improves Control
With insite you will have the support of the Nexon team and all the necessary information at hand to make quicker and more effective decisions.

Nexon partnering with our customers to:

Extremely high levels of Customer Care & Support has been at the heart of Nexon Group for over 55 years. Insite is a unique customer care package developed by Nexon for organisations like yours.
It provides you with real, actionable insight and solutions to better manage your facilities.
Alongside the package is a team of experts that support you and your team in your business to action the information found.

Insite has already identified:

Savings on a single product category

Incorrect product usage in the laundry causing the highest D&V outbreaks out of 80 care homes.
Over £6000 of products being pilfered at one site over 2 months.
Ask about our monthly training & audit visits to your facilities from our Client Care Executives
In case of an emergency, Nexon Group GUARANTEES a NEXT DAY RESPONSE anywhere in the UK!

If something goes wrong with your commercial laundry or catering equipment, or chemical dosing equipment, you can rely on us to provide you with a fast and efficient repair service that is designed to keep your downtime to a minimum.
We understand that when you call us, you need a fast response and an even faster solution so that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

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