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We can’t afford to recommend a product that isn’t up to the mark – our reputation is built on it. Our unique trademarks combines Nexon Group’s quality with excellent performance. We have a vast range of products to suit every budget and demand. Designed with the client in mind, there’s a choice of products to suit all applications – Whatever the need we have the solutions.

n-kind is a plant-based range of commercial cleaning products helping organisations like yours to make greener choices without compromising on cleaning and disinfecting performance.

Specifically developed by Nexon and only available through us, n-kind products are kinder to the environment and the hands that use them.

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Cleneco Easy Dispenser

Easy Ecodos Easy is the world’s first intelligent and energy neutral dispenser for cleaning agents. The use of smart technology leads to the extra efficient use of our ecological cleaning agents for buildings, kitchens and Ecodet Laundry Detergents.

Cleneco Easy

With our highly concentrated cleaning agents (up to 10 times more concentrated than regular products) we take cleaning to the ‘next level’. With just 3 products all daily cleaning activities can be done without any compromise to cleaning quality.

Cleneco Dosage Bottles

Highly concentrated, ecological cleaning agents (up to 5 times more concentrated than regular products) in easy to use dosage bottles for all daily professional cleaning in buildings and kitchens
Clen Logo

Our Clen chemical system has been specially designed to make cleaning easier than it has ever been before! Now colour coded with a colour scheme you’ll recognise. A colour for each chemical category and a clearly defined number to make colour and number easy to read at a glance.

Easy to read labels and clearly defined chemical names are just as essential to make your task simple, quick and effective. Now including a full range of colour coded wall charts, training packages and information sheets.

Washroom Areas
Washroom 1
Catering Areas
Clen Catering 2
Housekeeping 3
Laundry 4
Floor Care
Floor 5
Hand Care
Hand 6

NANOTouch is an innovative touch activated NANO textile perfume that can be applied on any textile surface and that is activated only by physical contact with the treated surface.

Everything people touch disperses BEAUTIFUL SCENT TO THE SURROUNDINGS and neutralises bad odours.

 It just waits for you to Touch it!

Very wide applications; from car seats, carpets, lounge and room seating sofas, room bedding, linen, towels, robes, slippers to every textile surface.

Our premium range of auto dose chemicals
Saturo is a premium range of laundry and dishwash chemicals. We have worked to develop the perfect chemicals and constantly strive to improve the formula bringing the best products to you. We use these chemicals for our customers alongside out auto-dosed systems provided free on loan. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our auto-dosing equipment.

If it’s quality paper products you are looking for, with luxury, and premium options available, ask about our complete range of Texere disposable hand towels, toilet tissue and paper wiper ranges.

Toilet Rolls

Texere 12 Pack

Centrefeed Rolls

Texere 6 Pack

Hand Towels

Texere 2 ply



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