Paro the Seal Helping People Living with Dementia

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Baby Paro (002)

It’s not every day a baby seal visits a care home. However, Nexon has helped The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) home one of two, very special ‘Paro’ seals! A therapeutic robot designed for people living with dementia.

Paro is intended to have a calming effect on residents living with dementia by provoking emotional responses. Paro not only looks and feels and like a baby harp seal, but is also designed with sensors allowing him to react behave like one when being held.

A study found that Paro helped people living with dementia, making them feel less lonely, more loved and encouraged social interaction with residents who tended to be more isolated.

Paro’s appeal is already being appreciated by residents who look forward to him visiting again soon!

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