Laundry Pumps not Working?

What can you do if your laundry pumps unexpectedly stop working?  If any of your laundry pumps unexpectedly stop working, a few simple steps could be all you need to get them back up and running! If the main screen or handset of the WL4 pump is showing Pump Off or P_3 OFF etc, it …

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How to use Chlorine Tablets

Bleach is especially effective at killing germs, including Coronavirus. But for it to properly disinfect, you need to following the instructions, such as making sure not to decant into spray bottles. Diluting in the proper ratio and mixing a fresh solution immediately before you use it is also important when using chlorine. Click here for …

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Happy First Day of Spring! Although the weather isn’t as spring-like as we’d hope, it’s time to start preparing for spring! We’ve popped together a little checklist of areas in the home you won’t want to miss when you’re carrying out your spring cleaning! Click here to view

Update on PPE

As you may be aware, the Government have announced that their free supply stocks of Vinyl and Nitrile gloves are due to run out in the next few weeks. While you may have good stocks in your home of gloves that have been supplied by the Government Portal, we suggest that you to check the …

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Caring for your Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are one of the handiest cleaning supplies available! They are versatile and great for most surfaces to effectively remove dust and dirt – capturing soil rather than spreading it around. These cloths are very absorbent and can hold up to 7x their own weight in liquid, leaving nothing to streak the surface. Microfibre …

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Prime your laundry pump

Did you know it’s recommended to prime your laundry pump every time you change the chemical drum? Priming the pump is a manual process done to avoid mechanical pump problems. Priming the pump fills the suction line with liquid to remove gases or blockages that may build up over time, and is really simple to …

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Stacks of Great Tips for a Clean Kitchen this Pancake Day

Top Tips for Cleaning Pancake Day Mess! Today, 21st February Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Day! To get you in the Pancake spirit, we’ve put together a few top tips for tidying up after you’ve tucked in! CLICK HERE TO VIEW 5 TOP TIPS

Nutrition Hydration Week

This week is Nutrition and Hydration Week where teams of volunteers within health and social care settings work to promote the key building blocks of patient health. The aims of the week are to promote continued knowledge and support in areas surrounding nutrition and hydration as well as sharing practices. Taken from the Nutrition and …

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