Scale-a-Way Product Review

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scale a way
"As I may have mentioned we have a big lime scale problem due to the hard water here. So the build-up of calcite on the surfaces has being going on for a long time so initially it was difficult to assess the quality of the product on such a heavy build-up of lime scale. However after repetitive use and a bit of perseverance and ingenuity we have managed to clear some of the outlets that have had the scale problem. I would say the product is good in the sense that it does cling to the vertical ceramic surfaces such as the toilets and if used neat and left on for several hours before scrubbing it does help to break down the calcite deposits. So with that in mind I would like to order another box of the Scale-a-away as we still have several other outlets that need treating. "
by Guy
-Home HML Maintenance

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