Nexon Products Perform

Nexon Products Perform

Revolutionising cleaning, Hygiene and Healthcare

Revolutionising cleaning, Hygiene and Healthcare

Reduce Cost without compromising on care

Reduce Cost without compromising on care

Our Innovations will drive efficiencies

Our Innovations will drive efficiencies

Reducing costs and creating easy operational efficiencies in healthcare, hygiene and hospitality
Nexon supplies laundry, cleaning and other care products to organisations across the UK.
We reduce operating costs …

… in a multitude of ways, saving money and operating even more efficiently, without compromising on safety or care

We help you work smarter not harder ...

… developing innovative products and other solutions to the challenges you face every day

Go green with no green premium …

… by joining our committed march towards reducing our impact on the environment. A greener future without. choosing products that are less effective.

Our focus is very clear and you reap the benefits of:


On the surface buying consumables might seem like a price per product game, and with some suppliers it might be. Value-for-money prod-ucts isn’t the only way that Nexon will save you money.
We’re also a perfect partner because of the tools, reporting and other innovations we bring that benefit your business.
Add in our sustainability focus and Nexon is the smart choice.


With so many years’ experience in your sector we’ve seen the challenges you face every day many times before. We’ve created a whole host of products, servic-es, systems and reports, all free to our custom-ers, and all designed to save time, provide bet-ter information or generally help you to operate more efficiently without compromising on care.


Nexon is focused on product innovation in so many ways. Every evolution of a product makes it better, cheaper or greener. But that in itself hides a myriad of ways that you benefit.

Product innovations to:
do a better job
use less product
use one product rather than two … one process rather than two (soaking??)
greener product and/or greener packaging same result but lower temperatures

What if you could use one product instead of 2? What if you did the laundry on a lower setting? What if you could use less product?

Still gives great results and no compromise on quality … also no green premium

News Stories

Cygnet Pindar House - Opening Soon

Cygnet Health Care Pindar House, in Yorkshire, has been an exciting new project Nexon Group have been privileged to be involved with over the past weeks.

Case Studies

Take a look at how we’ve made a difference to our customers

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